Massive WiMP iOS Update Features Deep Popyoular Integration

Yesterday, our WiMP friends released a massive update to their iOS-client. It's chock full of good news for WiMP users anywhere, ranging from minor improvements to brand new stuff like a PDF booklet viewer.

From our perspective, the big news is the deep integration of Popyoular functionality. With PopScore displayed at the album level, a separate view for individual review data and quotes plus an in-app browser for viewing the full reviews at the source sites, this is big news for us.

But it goes way beyond that, with really slick music discovery functionality powered by review data. There's a brand new "Critic's Picks" section in the app, featuring review-based lists sliced by time as well as by source.

Want some quality inspiration courtesy of some of the top curators out there? You've come to the right app :)