How SF Anytime are using Popyoular to convert browsers to renters

A couple of weeks ago, our friends at SF Anytime launched brand new versions of their pioneering Scandinavian VOD-sites. It really is a huge makeover that pretty much affects every aspect of the user experience, and we like it. A lot. 

One of the things that SF Anytime are successfully doing is to make the experience much more editorially flavored. You immediately understand that this is a service run by people who love movies themselves. People that are able to bring that across in practical, usable ways that help you find your way to a movie you really want to see.

The new sites use Popyoular on the film presentation pages. Using the automated connection between films and editorial review scores and review quotes, SF Anytime can give users just the kind of relevant, trustworthy information that can turn browsers into renters

For a couple of Swedish examples, how about this presentation of 'Get Low', or perhaps this one of 'The Last King of Scotland'? (scroll down a bit to see our part - or check out the screenshot below)

We're looking forward to working with SF Anytime on more fun, helpful and profitable functionality that harnesses the power of content curation - on a platform scale.