Hello Home Market! Popyoular live in Sweden

Finally! We’d be lying through our teeth if we didn’t admit we’ve been waiting for this one: We’re live with Popyoular in our home market. Our WiMP-friends have now formally launched in Sweden. The client is very similar to the Norwegian and Danish implementations, but from a Popyoular perspective it does add one cool feature. Check out how certain quotes that meet specific criteria have been automatically selected to be displayed alongside the album title/art:

The WiMP launch has generated a great deal of buzz. All sorts of media and blogs have written about the new kid on the streaming music block. To our great pleasure quite a few of them do specifically refer to the review integration provided by Popyoular as an added product benefit. We’ve also seen a major review (Dagens Nyheter – review not published online) specifically mention the benefit of the discovery functionality provided by the automatically generated album lists powered by Popyoular, even though it in all honesty is a bit hidden in the WiMP-client.

Now, not a single source we’ve seen review WiMP thus far actually mentions us by name or refers to the functionality we provide as a a third party service. Are we all in tears over that? Quite the contrary. The whole point of what we do is that it’s easy to seamlessly embed as a natural part of what you bring to your customers, helping your service shine.