TV-reviews: Same same but different

So we've been live with TV reviews for quite some time now, primarily for Ziggo in Holland. Although it's just another content type in addition to films and music, it's also sort of different. 

Most importantly, we've removed the score requirement. Up until now, every review in our system has been associated with a score. If we didn't have scores at the review level, we couldn't have an average Popscore for an item. And if we didn't have a Popscore for an item, it would be tricky to make things like toplists. But in the case of TV, scored reviews are not as common. In fact, in many markets scored reviews hardly exist at all for TV content. And lots of good, editorial opinions about TV are packaged in ways that don't even fit very well in the review category. So we figured we would focus on what we do best: Curating quotes. If we can select relevant quotes from opinions expressed by a trusted source, for a season or a series, then that provides the kind of "is this worth my time?" value we want end-users to get from Popyoular. And if there's a score as well, all the better.

"There's plenty of heart here -- and some very sharp writing and acting, too." The Newsroom SE01, as reviewed by Newsday.

In addition, we've added a season/series dimension. Reviews and commentary can focus on either, and both angles are valuable in different ways. We cover them both, and in our data we specify whether the review we're referring to covers the season or the whole series. 

As implied by both of the above, we're focusing on a certain type of scripted content that makes sense for our particular editorial review approach. You know, series, mini-series - what you would expect from, say, HBO or AMC. This means that we do quite a bit of manual work making sure we cover a customer's catalog in the best way.

These differences ended up requiring quite a few changes to our underlying technical approach compared to that for music or film. For our customers, however, it all just works without any extra work required on their part. The way it should be.