Ziggo Brings Popyoular Functionality To The Netherlands

 We’re very happy to say that we’ve signed an agreement with Ziggo - the biggest Cable-TV provider in the Netherlands. As of today, Ziggo integrates the Popyoular platform in its Video-On-Demand services. Later this year, Popyoular is planned for Inclusion in as Ziggos streaming music service Ziggo Music.

In our first meeting with Ziggo, we immediately felt that we saw the same end-user needs. More importantly, Ziggo grasped exactly what we want to achieve with Popyoular: Help entertainment consumers find more great stuff with less effort.

With our new agreement, Ziggos users will be able to discover more content and make more informed decisions based on how Popyoular connects content with highly relevant, localized, trusted review data.

Read the full press release or head on over to ziggo.com to read more company information about Ziggo