Help Me Spend More In Your Store

(00:24, Dec. 9 - Just updated after another book shopping spree online) I take it as a good sign whenever I find myself really missing a Popyoular integration when I'm using an e-commerce site.

Last night, pre-Christmas online shopping kicked off at my house. My wife and I wrote a list of who we needed to get presents for, and some rough ideas of what to get them. I think there were about 8-10 books on that list. A couple of them were specific titles, but most were not. I just knew I needed books that corresponded to a few criteria. And I knew I wanted them to be good.

Photo by flickr-user pfala

Now, I know there are lots of competent folks out there making a living from (or just having fun) writing book reviews. Which books are they writing about? What are they saying about them? Which ones do they love? That's the kind of stuff Popyoular is built to present in a meaningful, simple, unified way, directly integrated into the storefront.

For the most part, the online bookstores in my region offer me categories plus some combination of what's new (and also expected to sell a lot), what's already selling a lot, and customer reviews. While these are all very helpful, they're not necessarily enough.

If I get someone a current bestseller, they're also going to get it from someone else. Boring, and also really impractical in terms of exchanges as we're getting this stuff online.

Reader reviews are very important and can be extremely helpful, but generally retailers need a critical mass they don't always get in smaller markets for reader reviews to work well. For obvious reasons reader reviews can also lag a little.

Content discovery and purchase decision support comes in many flavors. Chances are your customers need different types of help and inspiration at different times. We believe we offer an important but often missing part of that puzzle. One that results in more sales and happier customers.

[Update] Some of the online bookstores in our region have done a truly admirable editorial sales job putting together Christmas-specific shopping guides with very well thought out selections for different tastes and ages. No wonder we think this is excellent stuff: Editorially driven discovery is at the core of what we do

With Popyoular, we can work across a vast selection of content and cover a significant back-catalog. That means it's a great way to automatically harness the power of editorially guided discovery across a much larger catalog, as a permanent addition to the seasonal and event-focused work done by a great editorial team.