One Week, Three Steps Forward

Being just half a handful of guys in a single room is one of the greatest things about doing what we're doing. Being half a handful of guys is also an obvious constraint, and not necessarily always of the "constraints fuel creativity" kind. This week we got an extra hand on deck, at least part-time. Chinese KTH master's student XiaXi Li is joining us as an extra development resource. Our to-do list is bursting at the seams, and XiaXi couldn't be more welcome. In other news, we're just about done with all the formalities necessary to set up Popyoular as a separate company called, somewhat unsuprisingly, Popyoular AB. The new company will be 100% dedicated to Popyoular. From now on, Substrata will be a pure consulting operation for Magnus and Jørgen. A new site reflecting this, changes to the location of API-docs, Popyoular product information etc is coming up. Last but clearly not least, this week saw us featured in the subscription-only bulletin from the digital music industry experts over at Music Ally. We're pretty certain that's about as good as it gets in terms of readership relevance and source credibility when it comes to spreading the word on what we're trying to achieve with Popyoular. Made our week, if not our whole month!