Introducing Popyoular

Ta-da! Today we're letting the cat out of the bag. Or at least we're letting it have a peek at the world outside.

As of last night, the brilliant Norwegian streaming music application Wimp (still in closed beta) implemented parts of the functionality we have been working on. That means that the project that we used to call Operation Omar is now officially Popyoular, a platform for opinions about music and more.

With Popyoular we're aiming to bridge the gap between where people buy and consume content, where they read reviews and discover new music, and where they express their own opinions.

Popyoular can be used to build content discovery mechanisms, to provide more context around the stuff you sell or stream, or to give your customers a better way express themselves. More on Popyoular here.

Popyoular is primarily an enabler meant to be integrated painlessly in other sites and services. That's why we've spent so much time polishing our API. Still, we're going to do our best to build a really, really nice service for end-users too.

More on all this soon - we need to get back to work! In the meantime, a huge tip of the hat to our friends at Aspiro Musikk for entrusting us with their cool application as a proving ground for a new service.