Valtech Ready4Air Platform Now Supports Popyoular Review Data and Discovery

On the opening day of IBC Content Everywhere in Amsterdam, Popyoular and our friends at Valtech are announcing the integration of Popyoular data and discovery capabilities into Valtech’s Ready4Air platform. With this partnership in place, Valtech’s customers can easily expand their offering with scores and quotes from hundreds of thousands of trusted, editorial reviews, automatically be connected to relevant movies and TV Series in their OTT services. The fruits of this partnership are already visible in VOD services from SF Anytime in the Nordics. Are you at IBC? Come by stands B.01 and C.02 in Hall 14 to talk to us about how we can help you create a better consumer offering. Oh, and check out the full press release here.

Popyoular Review Data Now Available Through EBS

Today at IBC Amsterdam, we’re excited to announce a closer partnership with the UK-based metadata and EPG experts at EBS. The partnership will see EBS offering editorial review data from Popyoular as part of its portfolio of services for platform operators. This is great news for Popyoular, EBS and our joint customers, but most of all it’s great news for consumers out there who will get an even better viewing experience. If you’re at IBC, come and have talk about all this and more at Stand B.01 in Hall 14! Check out the full press release here.

Popyoular Partners With Norigin

On the heels of our Teracom Boxer announcement, we're very happy to share the news of our partnership with the TV Everywhere experts over at Norigin Media. Combining Norigin's Hybrid Apps product with our editorial review-based metadata and discovery tools will make it easier to provide consumers with innovative, yet completely intuitive ways to discover the best films and TV series. 

Check out the full press release here.

TV-reviews: Same same but different

So we've been live with TV reviews for quite some time now, primarily for Ziggo in Holland. Although it's just another content type in addition to films and music, it's also sort of different. 

Most importantly, we've removed the score requirement. Up until now, every review in our system has been associated with a score. If we didn't have scores at the review level, we couldn't have an average Popscore for an item. And if we didn't have a Popscore for an item, it would be tricky to make things like toplists. But in the case of TV, scored reviews are not as common. In fact, in many markets scored reviews hardly exist at all for TV content. And lots of good, editorial opinions about TV are packaged in ways that don't even fit very well in the review category. So we figured we would focus on what we do best: Curating quotes. If we can select relevant quotes from opinions expressed by a trusted source, for a season or a series, then that provides the kind of "is this worth my time?" value we want end-users to get from Popyoular. And if there's a score as well, all the better.

"There's plenty of heart here -- and some very sharp writing and acting, too." The Newsroom SE01, as reviewed by Newsday.

In addition, we've added a season/series dimension. Reviews and commentary can focus on either, and both angles are valuable in different ways. We cover them both, and in our data we specify whether the review we're referring to covers the season or the whole series. 

As implied by both of the above, we're focusing on a certain type of scripted content that makes sense for our particular editorial review approach. You know, series, mini-series - what you would expect from, say, HBO or AMC. This means that we do quite a bit of manual work making sure we cover a customer's catalog in the best way.

These differences ended up requiring quite a few changes to our underlying technical approach compared to that for music or film. For our customers, however, it all just works without any extra work required on their part. The way it should be.

Come And Visit Us At IBC 12-16 September 2014!

As usual in September, anyone and everyone in the broadcast and entertainment delivery business will pack up and head for Amsterdam and the IBC exhibition. This year, you'll find Popyoular as an exhibitor in Hall 14, stand number 14.C01.

Come by and see how we put the power of editorial reviews to work to increase your revenues and make your customers happier in the process. Or set up a meeting right now by emailing or calling Johnny Cederlund:, +46 70 971 88 87

See you at IBC Amsterdam 2013!

This year, Popyoular will be out in force at the IBC event in Amsterdam. You'll find Johnny, Magnus and Jörgen in and around the exhibition areas from Saturday September 14th to Tuesday September 17th. We'd love to meet you there to talk about how Popyoular can help your users find and consume more of your best content. Drop Johnny a line at or give him a call at +46 70 971 88 87.

Ziggo Brings Popyoular Functionality To The Netherlands

 We’re very happy to say that we’ve signed an agreement with Ziggo - the biggest Cable-TV provider in the Netherlands. As of today, Ziggo integrates the Popyoular platform in its Video-On-Demand services. Later this year, Popyoular is planned for Inclusion in as Ziggos streaming music service Ziggo Music.

In our first meeting with Ziggo, we immediately felt that we saw the same end-user needs. More importantly, Ziggo grasped exactly what we want to achieve with Popyoular: Help entertainment consumers find more great stuff with less effort.

With our new agreement, Ziggos users will be able to discover more content and make more informed decisions based on how Popyoular connects content with highly relevant, localized, trusted review data.

Read the full press release or head on over to to read more company information about Ziggo

Conversion rates up 15%. Time spent on product pages up 20%. Yes, Popyoular really works.

We know you want real numbers to back up a potential investment in Popyoular for your business. Luckily, we have some fresh, highly relevant results straight from Platekompaniet, one of the leading music, film and game retailers in Norway with 26 retail stores and a highly successful online store at

Platekompaniet have been running an A/B-test measuring the effects of the Popyoular context functionality, which is designed to give consumers relevant, editorial review-based recommendations integrated in product pages. 

For this test, Popyoular was implemented on album pages in the music section of Here's what they found after three weeks of structured A/B-testing:

  • Product pages featuring Popyoular data convert to sales on average 15% more often than the same pages without Popyoular. 
  • Customers stay on product pages featuring Popyoular on average 20% longer than on product pages without Popyoular.

Parts of the Popyoular data is visible immediately, more detailed review data is available behind a tab. Oh, and this is one of our favorite albums of 2012 ;)

In both cases, the inclusion of Popyoular data led to better numbers than the original versions of the product pages on each individual day of the test period - there were no miselading peaks affecting the relevance of the average results.

As happy as we are with these numbers, we'd like to mention that we can do even more:

  • The implentation that was tested was Platekompaniets first stab at integrating Popyoular. Further tweaking and optimization could further improve the effects.
  • Again, these results refer to the product-level context functionality only. They don't measure the additional effects of the Popyoular discovery functionality, designed to help consumers find more great content in the first place.

With WiMP launched in Poland, Popyoular now handles eight languages

Just recently, WiMP broke into one of Europe's most exciting markets with their streaming service. Poland isn't just a big market. It's also one of the fastest growing European economies.

That's not just great news for WiMP (and Poland!). We're very happy to offer Popyoular support for yet another local market. With a roster of trustworthy Polish sources and our signature hand-picked review quotes, WiMP can offer Poles the same kind of localized recommendation functionality we already support for English (UK+US), German, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and Finnish. 

Brand New WiMP Desktop Client Just Launched, Polished Popyoular Integration Makes Us Proud

Today, Norwegian WiMP users will be updated to a brand, spanking new WiMP desktop client. Completely rebuilt and rethought from the ground up, this is one massive update from the Oslo-based team. Do we like it? We love it!

Long-time Popyoular followers know that we've been working closely with WiMP for longer than with any other partner. This time, we're truly stoked about how the WiMP team has further refined and expanded the Popyoular functionality in the new client. We're posting some screenshots here to illustrate some of the changes and additions.

The "Recommended" section is now much expanded and divided into several different parts. Apart from the reworked frontpage, this is where you really grasp how much effort WiMP is putting into helping you discover more music. We've selected the brand new "Critic's Picks" part, built entirely around Popyoular functionality. With recent highlights, all-time favorites and shortcuts to source-specific toplists this is a great way to use Popyoular's capabilities.

The source-specific toplists help you discover what your favorite sources are recommending. A cool new WiMP-feature even lets you keep these for easy access: Use the bookmarking function just to the left of the search box, and a shortcut to this toplist is placed in the permanent left menu in the client.

Album pages have been completely reworked, too, and apart from all the other improvements the review information from Popyoular has been updated and improved, with much better visibility for quotes.

Of course, there's a huge number of other new features and improvements for all the WiMP users out there, but we'll leave it to the WiMP team to tell you more about that.

Congratulations to the WiMP team on an extremely impressive new client!


Popyoular Enriches New Spotify App From EMI Nordic

A few days ago, our good friends at EMI Nordic released the brand new Playalistic Spotify app.

With the Playlistic app, users are presented with three main types of curated musical content: Playlists for any and all occasions, Classic Albums collected and curated by the Playalistic team, and Reviews, with fresh and interesting albums tied to reviews from trusted sources, as collected by the Popyoular platform. 

Our favorite feature is probably the one-click playlists based on recently reviewed or classic albums. Then again, we're biased...

We think the app rocks. As EMI succinctly say: Playalistic is all about great music recommendations! 

Try it out in the Spotify App Finder today! (Available for Sweden only, thus far).


Massive WiMP iOS Update Features Deep Popyoular Integration

Yesterday, our WiMP friends released a massive update to their iOS-client. It's chock full of good news for WiMP users anywhere, ranging from minor improvements to brand new stuff like a PDF booklet viewer.

From our perspective, the big news is the deep integration of Popyoular functionality. With PopScore displayed at the album level, a separate view for individual review data and quotes plus an in-app browser for viewing the full reviews at the source sites, this is big news for us.

But it goes way beyond that, with really slick music discovery functionality powered by review data. There's a brand new "Critic's Picks" section in the app, featuring review-based lists sliced by time as well as by source.

Want some quality inspiration courtesy of some of the top curators out there? You've come to the right app :)


Popyoular in good company at #wowhack Gothenburg

As I'm writing this, the Way Out West Hack Battle (#wowhack) is in full effect over at Villa Belparc in Slottsskogen, Gothenburg. Arranged by EMI in cooperation with Spotify and Way Out West organizers Luger, #wowhack brings together a bunch (80 or so actually) of very talented developers for a 24 hour music hackathon focussing on music discovery. 

The API providers present apart from Spotify and OpenEMI/The Echonest are, Gracenote, MusicMetric and - yes - Popyoular. 

We're obviously stoked to be present in such illustrious industry company - thanks to the ever optimistic, creative and energetic Paul Sonkamble over at EMI! Now we're hoping for some creative, useful or just downright crazy hacks using our API. If you're there, just give Magnus Eklund a shout if you want to discuss our API or if you need an API key!

Hack in progress!

German WiMP review highlights Popyoular functionality

The press mentions and reviews keep stacking up for WiMP in Germany following their launch there earlier this spring. Music blog Soundbox just published a thorough review, and the tone throughout is very, very positive. From our Popyoular perspective, we especially like this part:

"Ein in meinen Augen besonders cooles Feature ist die direkte Integration von diversen Musik Kritik Plattformen [...]. So hat man immer gleich im Blick, wie die Fachpresse über ein neues Album urteilt."

Which, roughly translated, should mean:

"A particularly cool feature in my eyes is the direct integration of various platforms for music reviews [...]. This way, you can always see the verdict of the music press for a new album"

Thanks, Soundbox!

Hello Germany, We're Popyoular!

As of yesterday our WiMP-friends are officially live in Germany with their award-winning music streaming service. We've been busy preparing for this for some time now, and of course we're very, very happy that Popyoular has been chosen to be a part of WiMP in yet another market, from day one. Here's a screenshot of a Swedish album that's a well-deserved big hit in Germany, with Popyoular review links and quotes:

SF Anytime reviewed in PC För Alla, Jan 2012 - Popyoular very well received

The January issue of PC För Alla, the leading Swedish consumer-oriented computer magazine, features a big review of the main contenders in the Swedish online film rental market.

Our partner SF Anytime receives a great 8/10 score and comes out in the top three. We were really happy to see the first point among the pros in the pros/cons section: "Reviews via Popyoular". 

To quote from the full review: "SF Anytime have recently added reviews from the media via Popyoular, which is a really good complement to reviews from other users."

This kind of attention is very flattering, and we're very proud. Thanks to our friends at SF Anytime for believing in Popyoular and putting us out there!

Read the full review here.

Popyoular makes it easier for consumers to find the gems in Telias IPTV video store

We’ve recently gone live with Telia as a new Popyoular for film-partner. This is the first time a partner integrates Popyoular with a set-top box service. The Telia team have done a great job, and in our opinion the live service really shows how the Popyoular platform allows partners to seamlessly blend our information into their service. And importantly, to do so simply, reliably, and with the necessary performance for a really large-scale consumer service.

Here's the full press release in English. The Swedish press release is available here.


Swedish tech start-up makes it easier for consumers to find the gems in Telias IPTV video store
Telia, Sweden's leading communications operator, has integrated the review-based content discovery platform Popyoular in its IPTV-offering

With Popyoular, scores and quotes from massive numbers of editorial movie reviews are automatically connected to the specific selection of movies available in Telias video store. Consumers browsing the store with their remotes quickly and easily see how domestic as well as international movie critics have scored a specific movie. In many cases, short, relevant review quotes are also available.

By integrating Popyoular, Telia makes it easier for consumers to make an informed decision as well as discover new content. Going forward, Telia will also use Popyoular to gather great content from across the catalog and put it within easy remote control reach using toplists, dynamic categories and other functionality available out of the box from the Popyoular API.

- There are thousands of movies in our video store. That’s why we’re always working to make it easier for our customers to find the right movie for the occasion, as quickly as possible. Popyoular is a valuable tool that automatically enriches our service with information that’s important to many of our customers. – Kent Jonsson, Marketing Director, Consumer Services, Telia

- Telias success with their IPTV-offering along with their position as the number one communications player in the region makes it hard for us to overstate the importance of this agreement to our business. We now have an amazing opportunity to prove why we’re so confident in the power of a platform that connects digital content with relevant editorial reviews in order to build curation- and discovery functionality. - Jörgen Eng, MD, Popyoular AB

Popyoular is a technical platform that’s integrated by other services using an API. As of today, more than 150 000 movie and music reviews are available.

Popyoular AB was founded in 2010 in Stockholm, Sweden. As of today, the service is used for movies by SF Anytime across Scandinavia, and for music by the streaming music service WiMP across Scandinavia, by EMI Nordic and by the Norwegian music streaming service