Put the power of trusted, editorial reviews to work for your users

Automatically display highly relevant, trusted metadata proven to increase conversion and time spent

Bring out the very best content from across your catalog with automated bite-sized selections, maximizing chances that users will get further than your toplist and new arrivals.
Why Popyoular

How Popyoular Works

Popyoular collects and structures data about hundreds of thousands of trusted, editorial reviews from across the web. Here’s how.
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The Popyoular API

Popyoular is a simple, http-based API that will look familiar to most developers. Prefer to import the data?We can do that too. Read more on implementing Popyoular.
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About Us

Popyoular is based in Stockholm, Sweden. We currently do business in a bunch of countries across Northern Europe. If you’re curious, read up on who we are and what we do. 
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