You've secured lots of great content. Now, let your users find it.

Popyoular puts the power of trusted, editorial reviews to work for your users, surfacing the gems that are truly worth their time. Why? You've seen it in your stats. Your users are having a hard time seeing past your toplist and recent additions - despite the fact that you have lots of high-quality content. Digging into your genre-based categories is too much work.  And search can only do so much for a user who just needs a little inspiration. That's where we can help.  Why Popyoular? >

How Popyoular Works

Popyoular collects data about hundreds of thousands of trusted, editorial reviews from across the web. Here’s how.

How Popyoular Works >

The Popyoular API

Popyoular is a simple, http-based API that will look familiar to most developers. If you need a different solution, we can do that too. Read more on implementing Popyoular and check out our API docs

The Popyoular API >

About Us

Popyoular is based in Stockholm, Sweden. We currently do business in a bunch of countries across Northern Europe. If you’re curious, read up on who we are and what we do. 

About Us >